Qatar eVisa - Application

The Qatar eVisa is an electronic visa that may be obtained online. It is issued for foreign travelers that wish to visit Qatar for purposes of tourism, business, and transit. The remote registration is effortless and uncomplicated, the procedure should not take more than 20 minutes.

Once you have your approved Qatar eVisa, enjoy numerous activities in Qatar - take part in cultural events, meet with family members, or simply go on a holiday trip. You are also allowed to participate in conferences and conclude contracts with international customers.

Depending on your country of origin, activities planned abroad, and the length of your journey, you must apply for a suitable visa. Currently, there are four types of Qatar eVisa available: Tourist eVisa, Transit eVisa, GCC Resident eVisa, and ETA Authorization.

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How to complete the Qatar eVisa application?

To complete the Qatar eVisa application process, you need to prepare a working electronic device with a stable Internet connection. It may be a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone, whatever you feel the most comfortable using. This way, you can avoid technical difficulties with your visa registration.

The Qatar eVisa application consists of 3 simple steps:

  • Fill in the online application form with your personal information
  • Upload the necessary documentation in digital form
  • Cover the processing fee using an online payment method

To pay for the processing of your visa application, you can use one of many available online payment methods. The most popular among our customers are credit card, debit card, and PayPal. Nevertheless, you can complete the payment with the payment method of your choice.

As soon as it is approved, your Qatar eVisa will be delivered to your e-mail address. It would be convenient to travel with a digital document, but it is essential to print it out before your journey. On arrival to Qatar, customs officers will require you to present a paper copy of your Qatar eVisa.

What documents to prepare for the Qatar eVisa application?

Before proceeding with the visa application procedure, it is highly recommended to ensure you have all the essential documentation.
This way, the entire process should be unproblematic and hassle-free.

Tourist eVisa

  • photograph of the passport's bio-data page (clear and legible scan)
  • photograph of the applicant's face (meeting passport photo requirements)
  • proof of purchasing a plane ticket (for return travel)

ETA Authorization

  • photograph of the passport's bio-data page (clear and legible scan)
  • photograph of the applicant's face (meeting passport photo requirements)
  • photograph of the applicant's valid residence permit (or visit visa)
  • proof of purchasing a plane ticket (for return travel)
  • proof of booked accommodation (or host address)

GCC Resident eVisa

  • documents stating the applicant's employment status and occupation

NOTE! Remember, the proof of booked accommodation required for the visa online application must be booked through the official website of the Qatar Government. Other documents will not be accepted.

How long does the Qatar eVisa processing take?

The registration procedure for your Qatar eVisa should not take more than several minutes to be completed. Once you have submitted your application for processing, you need to be patient - the average waiting time for an approved visa is only a few working days, but it may be prolonged.

When your visa is authorized, it will be delivered directly to your e-mail address. Remember to regularly check your inbox to not miss the visa approval notice.